Orchestral Tools announces Arkanum Update for Drones


Orchestral Tools have released Arkanum, an update for Drones.  Included are 33 completely new drone patches all designed by Alexander Hacke. Existing owners of the Drones collection will get the Arkanum update completely free.  If you’re interested in buying only Arkanum, it’s available for €33.  To celebrate the update, the whole Drones collection will be on special discount for €119 (regular price €189) until March 6th, 2024.  More details from Orchestral Tools below.


Arkanum is a dark sepulcher filled with the restless spirits of 33 new drones—all carefully designed by Alexander Hacke himself. It’s a worthy update to the already massive Drones collection.  The new drones are all pretty dark. And interestingly, a lot of them have really nice layering (morph from sound A to sound B using the modwheel), which makes them very expressive and a lot of fun to play

Like a ray of dark light, a drone is a primal statement of intent—shifting and beating on an endless path all its own. This collection offers a phantasmagoria of complex, playable drones.


Please visit Orchestral Tools for more information.