Orange Tree Samples The Famous E Electric Piano Updated


Heads-up to fans of Orange Tree Samples‘ The Famous E Electric Piano, the meticulously sampled one-of-a-kind  Updated

The update contains completely new audio, which has been meticulously denoised to dramatically decrease the noise floor without affecting any harmonic content. The result is an even purer signal than before, allowing you to play high polyphony parts without having to worry about noise floor adding up and becoming audible.

We loved the library when we checked it out, and this update is a welcome overhaul of the sample set.

“From a legendary Fender Rhodes used in countless LA recording sessions, Orange Tree Samples’ latest Kontakt Player instrument contains all the magic, glimmer, and silky smooth vibes of this unique keyboard’s charm. A testament to development keeping the spirit of the instrument alive even after converted to 1’s and 0’s.” – SLR

See the SLR First Look: The Famous E Electric Piano by Orange Tree Samples here.

For more detail head over to Orange Tree Samples