Orange Tree Samples releases Evolution Dry Relic


Orange Tree Samples announced a new release with Evolution Dry Relic.  This guitar library is available now for $139 (regular price $179). The FREE Kontakt player 5.7.3 is include and is also NKS compatible.  More details from Orange Tree Samples below

Presenting Evolution Dry Relic. Recorded using an early ‘50s Gibson J-45, this is a guitar that’s seen a lot of history, and has plenty more stories to tell. There’s nothing like the sound of aged wood that’s been soaking in more character with the passing of every season. Paired with a set of well-worn strings, the guitar has a gorgeous, thunky low end with a spark of life in the highs. The library is just what you need to give your song a boost in personality.  We developed the library in collaboration with Rosewood Recording Company, one of Utah’s most venerable recording studios. Guy Randle, the owner and recording engineer at Rosewood Recording Company, incorporated analog audio equipment to skillfully sculpt and emphasize the rich tonal qualities of the guitar. Evolution Dry Relic includes both the as-recorded signal as well as an enhanced signal.

Evolution Dry Relic is based on our Evolution engine, which provides you with a wealth of appointments: an innovative strumming pattern editor, automatic chord detection, and a robust built-in effects engine. If you’ve used any of our guitar or bass libraries that use the Evolution engine, its interface and workflow will be very familiar to you.  The library includes many factory presets for ready-to-use acoustic guitar tones that will boost the personality of your productions and help them stand out from the others.

For more information, please visit Orange Tree Samples.