Orange Tree Samples release Flute Flight for Kontakt Player


There’s a new release by Orange Tree Samples called Flute Flight.  For a limited time, this woodwind library is available at an introductory price of $99 (regular price $149).   It’s NKS compatible and runs in the free Kontakt Player 5.7.0.  More details from Orange Tree Samples below.


Flute Flight includes four different flutes: piccolo, concert flute, alto flute, and bass flute. By pairing detailed, high-quality sampling and innovative programming, each of these solo flutes covers a wide range of expression while including plenty of options to tailor the sound and playability of the instruments to your taste. Flute Flight is designed to give you great results playing live from a MIDI keyboard, allowing you to shape the expression of every note and phrase with the mod wheel or a breath controller.  Taking a different approach from our Passion Flute library, which focuses on the raw tone and articulations necessary for jazz and rock flute, Flute Flight is designed to achieve sweet, lyrical phrases and soaring, majestic melodies.

Thanks to our proprietary phase locking process, Flute Flight gives you a level of expression unattainable with other solo flute sample libraries. This innovative technology allows you to seamlessly morph between dynamics with zero phase cancellation or unwanted chorusing. Furthermore, the legato samples have buttery smooth transitions, letting you move between notes with fluidity and agility.


For more information, please visit Orange Tree Samples.