Orange Tree Samples releases Evolution Vision Bass for Kontakt Player


Orange Tree Samples announced their newest release, Evolution Vision Bass.  For a limited time, this bass instrument is available at the introductory price of $139 (regular price $179).  It’s NKS compatible and runs in the free Kontakt Player 6.7.0.  More details from Orange Tree Samples below. 

Evolution Vision Bass surpasses metal bass stereotypes, equipping you with a modern virtual powerhouse capable of sounding both hellish and heavenly, primal and futuristic.  This incredible tonal range is courtesy of the high-performance 5 string electric bass we sampled. Its unique multi-scale design with its eye-catching array of angled frets means that the low pitched strings are actually notably longer than the high ones, resulting in clarity and consistency in any register of the fretboard. 

The bass also features an immense dynamic range, capable of playing softly and intricately, yet ready at any moment to bring the energy of the stage to your track. At its loudest dynamic, there’s a generous amount of bite and rattle for distortion to work with, all while the extra long scale of the low strings adds stability to its sustain and definition to even the very lowest of pitches. 

If you own any other Evolution products, you’ll feel right at home with the engine’s wealth of appointments: a flexible mapping system, settings to customize how the instrument responds, and a comprehensive collection of built-in effects for mix-ready metal bass tones.

Evolution Vision Bass not only sounds heavy, but is heavily inspirational to play. 

Please visit Orange Tree Samples for more information.