Orange Tree Samples introduce Evolution Indie Rock for Kontakt Player


Orange Tree Samples introduced its latest release, Evolution Indie Rock.  For a limited time, this electric guitar library is available at an introductory price of $139 (regular price $179).  It’s NKS compatible and runs in the free Kontakt Player 6.7 or higher.  More details from Orange Tree Samples below.


With its iconic offset body shape and extensive onboard controls, the model of electric guitars we sampled for Evolution Indie Rock is a favorite among many alternative and indie rock guitarists. This preference is undoubtedly due to the extra punch that the guitar’s shorter scale length yields, not to mention the unique design of its two single-coil pickups that give the guitar its signature snappy tone. It thrives with distortion, but also cleans up nicely without losing any of the energy it brings.

The instrument is hosted by our Evolution engine, which provides you with a wealth of appointments: a comprehensive collection of effects, built-in strumming patterns, and a generous amount of settings to tailor the instrument to your performance needs.

Whether you’re looking for meat-and-potatoes distorted powerchords to energize your rhythm section, or dreamy ambient textures that ignite your creativity, Evolution Indie Rock delivers it all.


For more information, please visit Orange Tree Samples.