Only $9: Elysea Decent Sampler by ZenDAW


Pulse Audio announced its Weekly Deal featuring 69% off Elysea Decent Sampler by ZenDAW.  This organic soundscapes library is available for just $9 (regular price $29) until January 26th, 2024.  The free Decent Sampler is required.  More details from Pulse Audio below.


Elysea Decent Sampler offers a rich array of sonic possibilities, with its 38 presets that blend three layers of multi-sampled sounds, primarily sourced from the Ensoniq Fizmo.  The interface, with its three drop-down menus displaying the names of the combined textures, provides a user-friendly way to navigate and select sounds.

At the end of the list of presets, you will find an “init” preset to create your own sound combinations with three sound layers, and also another “init” preset with a single sound layer but which contains all the 36 multi-waveforms found in the whole sound library.


Please visit Pulse Audio for more information.