Only $24: Cloudmax by Karanyi Sounds + 2 FREE Gifts


Karanyi Sounds announced a special offer featuring 40% off Cloudmax.  Normally $39, this plugin is available for just $24.  Technocolor and Vapor Dimension are included for FREE when you purchase Cloudmax.  This special deal will run until April 30th, 2024.  More details from Karanyi Sounds below.


Experience a world of sonic textures with our customer-favourite instrument, Cloudmax Texture Resonator. Equipped with multiple effect modules that can turn any sound source into a soft, lush soundscape or ethereal sound effect in no time.  If you buy Cloudmax today, you will receive 2 FREE gifts: Vapor Dimensions and Technocolor.  Give yourself the gift of creating enormous sounds with the help of the unbeatable trio of Cloudmax and the two creative effects!


Please visit Karanyi Sounds for more information.