Deal Compressor: This Weeks Sales Highlights Novermber 15, 2019


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50% OFF First 500 Orders at Sonixinema Black Friday Sale

Limerence by Rigid Audio Pre-Sale $6.99 (reg $59.99)  Nov 20

Plurality for Falcon 2 by UVI $39

Titanium for Falcon 2 by UVI $39

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Elysion by Sonuscore at Best Service

► First Look Elysion by Sonuscore 


String Theories release Passionate Bansuri intro €49

Continuo by Karanyi Sounds $39 (reg $49)

22% OFF VENTO Modern Woodwinds by Heavyocity Intro Nov 18

Indie Vocals by Rast Sound €39

80% Off Soniccouture at Native Instruments Instruments

► “Tricks Track” Demo using Imogen Heap Box Of Tricks

► First Look: Box of Tricks by Soniccouture



Boutique Drums Penny by Musical Sampling

Performance Samples Pre-Black Friday Sale

VSO ExpansionPack by Vienna Symphonic Library €60 (reg €85)

SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds Vienna Symphonic Library intro €255 (reg €355.00)

UP TO 61% OFF Carbon by Ujam Crossgrade Introductory Sale Nov 18

8Dio Black November Sales

► Review: Equinox


Lekko by Felt Instruments £39

Orchestral Dust 1.5 by Channel Robot


Pedal Steel by Impact Soundworks $149 (reg $199.00)

►  First Look Pedal Steel



UP TO 92% OFF Sci-Fi Sample Packs from Glitchmachines  Jan 6

UP TO 51% OFF AAS Strum GS-2 Sale Nov 20

ERA Voice Leveler by accusonus $9 (from $59)

92% OFF Sound FX Bundle by Glitchmachines Jan 6

94% OFF Holiday Plugin Bundle by Glitchmachines Jan 6

UP TO 91% OFF Glitchmachines Plugin Sale $5 Jan 6

94% OFF Glitchmachines Sound-Designer Bundle $15 Jan 6

50% OFF Omnisphere Trapsphere by Audiority $20 Nov 17

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FREE Wicked Drum Hits by Black Octopus

LABS OPIA by Spitfire Audio

Baba Yaga (VST) by night knock

FREE copy of iZotope Nectar Elements with any purchase Dec 6


See all Plugin Boutique Deals

UP TO 25% OFF Output Sale Dec 3

Super VHS Multi-Effect by Baby Audio $29 (reg $49)

30% OFF Zilhouette Strings by Cinematique Instruments Dec 6

UP TO 77% OFF Voltage Modular by Cherry Audio Nov 30

► Review: Voltage Modular



FREE 30 Day to Splice Samples, Loops & Plugins with code “SLR19”



10% OFF at check with SLR link and promo code “CK901”

Cinesamples offers an academic discount of
50% OFF to full-time students and faculty of accredited academic institutions.






Mixing Engineer Joël Dollié course “Trailer Music Mixing” is available now for $299




Bowed Psaltery by Cinemsaples

YoJo by Reflekt Audio

Quadravox by Eventide

Universe by Triple Spiral Audio

Krautrock Machine by Cinematique Instruments

Oberom by SampleScience

Closer by Sampletraxx

Bombastic Basses by Project Sam

World Colors Clar-Duduk by Evolution Series

Big Bang Orchestra by Vienna Symphonic Library

Amplifikation Lite Amp Simulator by Kuassa

FREE 30 Day to Splice Samples, Loops & Plugins with code “SLR19”

Debussy Klang by Cinematique Instruments

Sonva Piano (Grand) by ARC Samples

Sonva Upright by ARC Samples

Loopcloud 5 Try for FREE

Vocal Morphs II by Rast Sound

FREE Reverxis by Pulse Setter Sounds

Affright Sound Effects by MatiasMacSD

LABS Atmos by Spitfire Audio

FREE African GYL II by Rast Sounds

FREE Ethera Hybrid Scoring Template for Logic Pro X

Komplete Start by Native Instruments


Vos Contemporary by Rast Sound

FREE Bowed Glass Clouds by Riot Audio

FREE “Dope” by uJam with ANY purchase from Plugin Boutique

CineSine LITE by Cinesamples

Porn Percs 2 by Oceanswift

Relict by Silence+Other Sounds

Bombastic Basses by Project Sam

Jerry’s Pianos by Cinesamples

Snaps & Claps by Cinesamples

Brazilian Tamborim, Pandeiro and Cuica

The Free Orchestra by Project Sam

LABS Music Box by Spitfire Audio

Frwd by Audio Modern

MetalStorm by PulseSetter Sounds

SYNTHS DX by Karanyi Music

LABS Dulcimer by Spitfire Audio

► BEST FREE Virtual Instruments SLR Staff Picks

Sinister Bowed Cymbals for Kontakt Supreme Samples

Backdrops & Undertones for Repro 5

FREE LABS Scary Strings by Spitfire Audio

Bark of Dog 2 by Boz Digital Labs

FREE LABS Modular Piano by Spitfire Audio

DJinnDrum VST by SimpleRecorder

SymptohmPE by OhmForce

Abandoned Scapes by Silence + Other Sounds

Memory-V by IK Multimedia

Konplete Start by Native Instruments

Kalimba by Ocean Swift

TDR Kotelnikov

FREE LABS Peel Guitar by Spitfire Audio

Tutti Hits by Project Sam

Typewriter for Kontakt by Wavesfactory

Landscape for Kontakt by Cinematique Instruments

Clock for Kontakt by Wavesfactory

Shreddage 3 Stratus FREE by Impact Soundworks

MetalStorm by Pulse Setter Sounds

Piano One Version 5.0 by Sound Magic

Yellowstone National Park Sound Library

FREE AAS Sessions Bundle with any Purchase

Spitfire Audio FREE LABS Libraries

Free Production Loops Heavyocity

Phasis by Native Instruments

Harmon Trumpet Mute Swells from Christopher Byrum Harris


FREE Desk Bell by Fracture Sounds

FREE Keyed Glock by Spitfire Audio

Memori Game for UVI

FunkyGuitar 1.0 by Pettinhouse

Hybrid Scoring Collection: Strings by Sonixienema – (get a FREE taster version)

The Rubber Band Box by Modwheel

Resonate by Sonixinema

TyrellN6 by u-he

Out o’ Tune Piano by D Grayvold

ChillerScapes by Resomonics

TERATOMA album and Sample Pack

Atmospheric Horror Toolkit Free

Atmospheric Horror Toolkit Update

Resonate by Sonixinema Scoring Tools

FREE “INSTINCT” Trailer Sound Effects by AVA Music Group Try Pack

FREE SLR Workshops: Sonic Branding 101

Sample Magic now on Splice (use promo code SLR17 for FREE month)

►Review: Splice

Free Kontakt bundle including Layercake and Manipulator by Flintpope

Granularis by Sound Aesthetics Sampling.

Synsonic BD-909 Drum Machine by Synsonic Instruments

DRONAR Atmosphere Creator by Gothic Instruments (at Time Space)

NYU Sample Fest 2017 on Ashton Gleckman’s site

Cinematic Loops by 99 Sounds

FREE 1 Month Subscription to Splice (use promo code SLR17)
w/ over 1 Million Samples, SFX and presets

►Review: Splice

Legacy FREEbies by Performance Samples

Solo Violin Legato by Performance Samples

G-Town Church Samples for Kontakt

FREE Super Audio Boy by Impact Soundworks!

Review SuperAudio Cart

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