Observant Sound releases Veiled Ashes


New Developer, Observant Sound, released their first custom engine for Kontakt 6 called Veiled Ashes.  This library was inspired by the world of modular synths.  For a limited time, you can save 40% and purchase it at an introductory price of €120 (regular price €200).  The full version of Kontakt 6 is required.  More details from Observant Sound below.

After close to 3 years of work and pushing Kontakt to its limits, Observant Sound is proud to present their first custom engine for Kontakt 6, Veiled Ashes. Veiled Ashes is a dual sample player with lots of side-independent controls and a Modulation Matrix for deep sample manipulation.  Use the custom MODULATION ENGINE and MATRIX to modulate up to 25 targets with 9×2 modulators and bring a sense of life and movement to any sampled.

Immerse yourself in soundscapes filled with character and movement.  Transform any sounds into the un-recognisable or add a subtle sense of movement with VEILED ASHES’s custom engine.


Get great sounds in minutes rather than tweaking midi for hours.  Veiled Ashes has unrivaled flexibility for modulation like you’ve never seen in Kontakt.

For more information, please visit Observant Sound.