Now at VSL: Up to 36% off ALL Synchron Pianos


Vienna Symphonic Library just launched a Piano Celebration Sale featuring up to 36% off all Synchron Pianos.  Save big on piano library favorites like Synchron Fazioli F212, Bösendorfer Upright, Concert D-274, and more!  It’s also now possible to download free demo versions of each Synchron Piano to try them out and compare them.  The sale will run from now until July 1st, 2024.  Check it out now!  More details from VSL below.


Our smart developers recently created a new lossless data compression format that massively reduces the data size of your installed sample content. The first libraries to benefit from this innovation are our nine Synchron Pianos, which now require only 26% to 35% of space of the original installed data size, depending on the instrument. With this new data format, the download size equals the installed data size!

The updates to libraries with smaller footprints will be available in stages, like boarding a plane in groups, to prevent congestion. If you purchase a Synchron Piano now, you can immediately update your entire Synchron Pianos library content. Customers who’ve purchased a Synchron Piano in the previous months will follow. You will see in the Vienna Assistant when your update is available. Once available, updates will overwrite your previous library content. You don’t have to update all Synchron Pianos at once.

In addition to updating the new piano library content, please install the updated version of the Synchron Piano player using your Vienna Assistant. (Minimum system requirements for lossless data compression on Apple computers: macOS 11 Big Sur)

To celebrate the liberation of your drive, all Synchron Pianos are now available at major discounts! Download free demo versions to try them out and compare them!


Please visit Vienna Symphonic Library for more information.