Now at Pulse Audio: 60% off Synchro Hits by Ergo Kukke


The folks over at Pulse Audio announced their Weekly Deal featuring 60% off Synchro Hits by Ergo Kukke.  Normally $62, this trailer hits library is available for just $24.80 until October 13th, 2023.  It requires the full version of Kontakt 6.7.1 or later.  More details from Pulse Audio below.


Synchro Hits is a thematic trailer hits library designed to create custom sounds to your next production, game or movie.  With three Riser and Hit channels, Synchro Hits produces colorful, but most important of all, massive impact sounds designed to shake the earth.

Synchro Hits contains an innovative ‘hitpoint’ detention engine designed to synchronise the ‘hitpoint’ of your effect sound with specific intervals in your project.   Inside the instrument you will discover Hits, Booms, Impacts, Smashing, Knocking, Punching, Rumbling, Kicking, Shooting.

Synchro Hits comes with 181 Snapshots and 482 single files in total, so you wont run out of ideas any time soon. Synchrohits also comes with multiple effects for sound types separately (Risers and Hits), but also one main FX chain to tailor the overall sound as you see fit.  All sounds are made available to you as .WAV for more freedom of expression.


For more information, please visit Pulse Audio.