New at VST Buzz: 92% off Arturia Pigments Presets Bundle by Vicious Antelope


The Arturia Pigments Presets Bundle by Vicious Antelope is available for only €19 over at VST Buzz.  Normally €240, save 92% on this collection until September 26th, 2023.  The patches in these soundsets require that you already own the Arturia Pigments Soft-Synth.  More details from VST Buzz below.


“Arturia Pigments Presets Bundle” by Vicious Antelope is a massive 27 pack collection of presets for [Arturia Pigments Synth].  This bundle is perfect for Cinematic Music, Electronic Music, Game Audio, Synthwave, Progressive Rock, Retrowave, New Age, Experimental and other forms of music expression.

Arturia Pigments Presets Bundle is a combination of two preset bundles that contain everything you need to produce music in multiple genres.


Please visit VST Buzz for more information.