Only €6 at VST Buzz: Cassette Vibraphone by THEPHONOLOOP


VST Buzz has a new deal featuring 72% off Cassette Vibraphone by THEPHONOLOOP.  Normally €21, this vibraphone library is just €6 until February 11th, 2024.  The full version of Kontakt 5.6.6 or higher is available.   More details from VST Buzz available.


“Cassette Vibraphone” for Full Kontakt offers the vintage sounds of a vibraphone by using real round-robin samples recorded on different cassette decks.

It features a one-page interface for easy sound design and includes custom impulse responses for convolution reverb. The instrument provides an organic sound with imperfections and a variety of presets to start with.

Cassette Vibraphone was recorded in full range (3 octaves) with 4 dynamic layers using 4 different cassette decks. Overall there are 2372 samples – 592 samples per deck, plus 4 noise samples from each deck (6,76 GB of uncompressed 24-bit WAV files).


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