New at VST Buzz: 65% off Transformer by Digital Brain Instruments


VST Buzz announced a new promotion featuring 65% off Transformer by Digital Brain Instruments.  This unique, creative audio tool is available for €38 (regular price €109) from now until May 8th, 2024.  More details from VST Buzz below.


“Transformer” is a 64Bit standalone software developed to transform your audio samples into new sounds, using a microphone, pre-recorded audio files or a virtual instrument.  ​It has been used on some great projects, such as videogames and films like Venom (Marvel).

Includes 1.2Gb of professional audio samples: Foley, whooshes, explosions, footsteps, hits, creatures, rocks, sci-fi, drones, impacts, cinematic & vehicles by Mechanical Wave SFX.  Transformer offers a new way of creative audio processing for sound designers and musicians. It can become a great tool for performing Foley for motion picture using a microphone.


Please visit VST Buzz for more information.