New at VST Buzz: 60% off Transverse by dvCompTools


VST Buzz has launched a two-week promotion offering 60% off Transverse by dvCompTools.  Create unique epic risers, transitions, rhythmic riffs, suspense cues, and abstract beat at lightning speed by using Transverse.  It’s available now to purchase for €25 (regular price €62) until October 3rd, 2022.  Steinberg’s free HALion Player is required.  More details from VST Buzz below.

Though suitable for all uses, Transverse is specifically useful for electronic music genres, game sound design, trailer music and film music.  With layers switchable between noise and oscillator and a user sample section with a granular synth, the texture and sound capabilities are numerous.

With the ubiquity of such sounds in modern music and sound design, having a focused tool that provides quick access to the most necessary parameters can greatly reduce the need for repetitive tasks & keep creative flow going.

The layout logic behind Transverse was to create a rapid design environment to remedy the above mentioned situations by having controls spread across the UI where they will be most needed.  With its 36 noise profiles in 3 banks, 2 of which also contain 24 predefined oscillators and 100 preset wave sources, combined with synced and rhythmic envelopes and XY modulation, creating such sounds can be done in seconds.



  • 260 Presets for FX, Reverse Designs, Bass, Beats and more!
  • Curves Modulator with Three Layers
  • Metallic, Digital, Analog and User sound sources
  • Created by dvCompTools for HALion

For more information, please visit VST Buzz