New at VSL: Synchron Duality Strings Virtuoso


Vienna Symphonic Library have released Synchron Duality Strings Virtuoso.  The Standard Library is available for €225 (regular price €295) and the Full Library is available for €335 (regular price €445) from now until June 3rd, 2024.  More details from VSL below.


This Collection is an exciting addition to the Duality series, expanding the articulations of Duality Strings (regular) with a host of captivating and oftentimes quite unique articulations. From special short notes to glissandos and bends, to a great variety of runs and arpeggios that were quite demanding for Vienna’s first-class musicians, the fourth installment in the series promises to inspire and entertain.

The recordings follow the same Duality principle of two separate ensembles performing on Stage A and Stage B simultaneously, giving you a variety of options to create your own blend or rely on perfectly pre-configured Mixer Presets.

Users of Synchron Duality Strings (regular) will find the playing techniques of the virtuoso collection seamlessly integrated into their existing range of available articulations.  The recordings for this collection required an extremely high level of skill from the musicians involved, who needed decades of experience to achieve this kind of controlled, yet emotional virtuosity. Playing arpeggio loops in the upper hand positions is not only extremely challenging, but also quite unusual. Each individual player has contributed a great deal of energy and expertise that comes alive in this unique virtual instrument.


For more information, please visit Vienna Symphonic Library.