New at VSL: Synchron Duality Strings (sordino)


Vienna Symphonic Library announced the release of Synchron Duality Strings (sordino).  The new Collection is currently available at introductory prices of $415 (reg. $572) for the Standard Library and $667 (reg. $913) for the Full Library. A free iLok account is required as well as VSL‘s Synchron player.  More details from VSL below.


The Vienna Symphonic Library is pleased to announce the release of the second installment in their Duality Strings series, Synchron Dualtiy Strings (sordino). The all-new library features two muted string ensembles that were recorded at once, performing simultaneously in separate rooms at Synchron Stage Vienna. While the large ensembles played their instruments in Stage A, the small ensembles simultaneously played in the dryer Stage B, performing perfectly in sync, with a beautiful velvety timbre that’s still full of variety.

Synchron Dualtiy Strings (sordino) adds another layer of expression and sonority to small and large string sections, recorded exactly the same way as the first installment in the Duality Strings series. As in the first part, the large and the small ensemble were sampled at once, playing in separate rooms, with the conductor on the podium in Stage A also directing the ensemble in Stage B via video monitors. While the mic setup in Stage A delivers a broad string ensemble sound, the smaller ensemble in Stage B was recorded closer with two different sets of microphones, offering bright and dark sounding variants. This enables users to customize their own string sound organically and effortlessly within the Synchron Player. Users can also rely on the expertly crafted mixer presets, ranging from close and classic to wide, distant, lush and more.

This sordino collection is not just a reduced version of the non-sordino recordings. Continuing in the vein of Vienna’s Duality principle, each sordino articulation was recorded immediately after its non-sordino counterpart. The objective was for users to be able to activate or deactivate sordinos without creating a difference in expression, resulting in a continuous, coherent performance. This means that all the articulations of Duality Strings (regular) are also available with Duality Strings (sordino), except for snap pizzicato.

The Standard Library and Full Library of Synchron Duality Strings (sordino) both include the same articulations. The difference lies in the number of provided microphone positions.


For more information, please visit Vienna Synchron Library.