New at APD: 83% OFF ChopMonster by Chop Audio


There’s a new deal at APD featuring 83% off ChopMonster by Chop Audio.  Normally $120, this editing tool is available now for just $19.99 until March 29th, 2023.  More details from APD below.

ChopMonster is the ultimate beautiful mistake inducer. It not only auto-generates unique audio loop iterations, it slices and randomizes them in a consistently musical way, Felix Snow style.

Drag a WAV audio phrase in, get a new musical and randomized phrase out. At its core, ChopMonster operates off of the philosophy that it’s typically easier to identify what’s wrong with a creative result rather than compose a result from scratch.


Use ChopMonster with Vocal Phrases, Chord Progressions/Loops, Synths, Drums, and everything else you can drag into it!

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