New at APD: 75% off Dream Reverb FX by Dream Audio Lab


APD just launched a new deal featuring 75% off Dream Reverb FX by Dream Audio Lab.  This all new reverb plugin will be offered for $29.99 instead of the normal $119.99 until July 19th, 2023.  Available formats are AU and VST for macOS and Windows.  More details from APD below.

Dream Reverb FX is the ultimate plugin for immersive reverb soundscapes, with reverb effects ranging from otherworldly to dark or heavenly synthesis. Instantly access the full capabilities of your reverb signal effects chain with one plugin, and elevate your sound way beyond traditional padded rooms and hall chambers, and enter into a unique dimension of reverberation!


Dream Reverb FX was designed to provide musicians, producers and composers with effortless immersive binaural reverb exploration, as well as an instant boost of creativity and clearance of your mix. Dream Reverb FX comes pre-built with a compact chain of 14 meticulously engineered effects with over 140 balanced hidden parameters and 44 custom designed impulse response atmospheres, mastered with industry standard best practices, and using the latest developments in audio processing. 

For more information, please visit Audio Plugin Deals.