New at APD: 67% off Hertz Drums Ultimate Bundle


APD announced a new deal featuring 67% off the Hertz Drums Ultimate Bundle by Hertz Instruments. This bundle will be offered for only $49.99 instead of the normal $149 from today until February 21st, 2024.  It’s available for MAC in AU, VST and AAX formats (64-bit only) and for Windows in VST and AAX formats (64-bit only).  More details from APD below.


Hertz Drums software has everything you need in a home-recording and professional studio.As producers, we know how troublesome, yet often necessary it is to use several virtual drum instruments at once in the same project. So we decided to create our own all-in-one tool to satisfy every user.

Are you just beginning your journey in the realm of virtual drums and not sure where to start? Or do you just want to get a taste of that signature Hertz Drums sound?

The White Sample Pack library is an expansion pack for Hertz Drums and it comes with 15 ready-to-use presets.


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