Native Instruments releases Komplete 14, Kontakt 7, and CHOIR: Omnia


Native Instruments has officially released Komplete 14, Kontakt 7, and CHOIR: Omnia.  Komplete’s biggest update yet features 60 newly included instruments, effects, and Expansions, plus iZotope’s mastering tool Ozone 10 Standard and additions from Plugin Alliance and Brainworx.  If you are already an owner of previous Komplete editions, be sure to check your account at Native Instruments to see what kind of upgrade prices you’re eligible for.  More details from NI below.

Now available in NI‘s online shop, it features KOMPLETE’s most extensive range of sounds so far and seamless tools for putting the ideas they inspire into motion, creating an all-in-one package for creativity. KOMPLETE 14’s expansive libraries help find, design, and transform instruments in previously unimagined ways, with premium search tools to focus on sounds fast. KOMPLETE 14 is available in four different sizes – SELECT, STANDARD, ULTIMATE, and COLLECTOR’S EDITION, the last being a comprehensive offering of 145+ instruments, 100+ Expansions, and over 135,000 sounds. With synths, sampled instruments, percussion tools, immersive effects, and more across the stylistic spectrum, KOMPLETE 14 remains the go-to choice for music-makers of all types to find their ideal creative flow.

Included in KOMPLETE 14 STANDARD and above, KONTAKT 7 offers a huge library of sounds, alongside iZotope’s all-new mastering tool, Ozone 10 Standard, which assists in putting the finishing touches on any production. More new additions come via an array of synths and effects from Plugin Alliance and Brainworx, as well as the CHOIR: OMNIA sample library, included in the KOMPLETE 14 COLLECTOR’S EDITION.

KONTAKT 7 is the next evolution of the world’s favorite sampler. Included with KOMPLETE 14 STANDARD and above, KONTAKT 7 features a refreshed HiDPI Factory library, with new instruments ranging from an orchestral section from Orchestral Tools to rare analog synths and everything in-between. An enhanced HiDPI browser offers lightning-fast access to filter and preview the largest selection of sampled instruments around, including global text search and editable filters for searching sounds. KONTAKT 7 also includes under-the-hood audio improvements and the new effects Psyche Delay and Ring Modulator from GUITAR RIG 6 PRO.

The four tiers of KOMPLETE 14 include a range of advanced instruments, effects, and Expansions, such as SOUL SESSIONS and NEO BOOGIE in the SELECT package, PLAYBOX in STANDARD, PIANO COLORS and ASHLIGHT in ULTIMATE, and LORES in COLLECTOR’S EDITION.

KOMPLETE 14 Suite pricing:

Komplete 14 Select – $199 – featuring 25+ products including new additions SOUL SESSIONS, NEO BOOGIE, BACKYARD JAMS, and more.

Komplete 14 Standard – $599 – featuring 120+ products including new additions KONTAKT 7, PLAYBOX, OZONE 10 STANDARD, and more.

Komplete 14 Ultimate – $1,199 – featuring 200+ products including new additions PIANO COLORS, ASHLIGHT, ACTION STRINGS 2, and more.

Komplete 14 Collector’s Edition – $1,799 – featuring 250 products including new additions CHOIR: OMNIA, LORES, and more.

For more information, please visit Native Instruments.