Native Instruments launches Low End Strings by 10 Phantom Rooms


In collaboration with 10 Phantom Rooms, Native Instruments has released Low End Strings.  This hybrid orchestral string library is available now for $99.  It’s NKS compatible and runs in both the free Kontakt player and full version of Kontakt 7.6 or higher.  More details from NI below.


Low End Strings harnesses the power of deep frequencies by pushing string instruments to the limits of their lowest pitches. Spanning a three-octave range, it allows you to layer traditional but processed lowest octave string articulations with field recordings, noise, sub, and synth sources, then morph them into sounds that reverberate with cinematic intensity. Unlock unparalleled depth, drama, and impact to breathe life into scores and productions of all kinds.

From string sounds and basses to pads and special effects, Low End Strings packs carefully designed snapshots for fast inspiration. Watch as product specialist Reuben Cornell shares his favorites and dives deeper into the features of the instrument, showing how you can use the step sequencer, macro controls, and array of blendable sources to craft bold, hybrid orchestral textures.

Low End Strings is a collection of deep string sounds heavily processed through modern and vintage gear from across six decades.   Explore it now!


Please visit Native Instruments for more information.