Native Instruments introduces Fables – Evocative Orchestral Library


The folks over at Native Instruments announced their latest release, Fables.  This evocative orchestral library is available at the introductory price of $149 (regular price $199) until September 7th, 2023.  It runs in both the free Kontakt Player and the full version of Kontakt 7.5 or higher.  More details from NI below.


Set the scene with Fables, a cinematic library of evolving ensemble textures. Building on the legacy of Lores, Fables lets you seamlessly blend and layer a collection of lush acoustic instruments across a three-layer engine to shape your own multi-dimensional soundscapes. Whether you’re crafting your next cinematic score or adding motion to electronic productions, Fables has all you need to bring movement, magic, and mysticism to your music.

Discover the alchemy between organic and synthetic tones with a collection of blendable string sections, female and male choirs, woodwind, tuned percussion, pads, low brass, French horn ensembles, and even waterphone. Each sampled instrument was performed by virtuosic musicians, offering a stunning array of articulations and effect options.

Fables is powered by polyphonic aftertouch, allowing each note to become its own canvas for expression. Infuse your music with subtle nuances and breathtaking dynamics by effortlessly controlling MIDI with your touch.


For more information, please visit Native Instruments.