Native Instruments introduce new expansion: Drum State


Native Instruments released a new expansion, Drum State. It’s available now for $49.  This expansion includes 81 kicks, 103 snares, 79 cymbals, 105 hi-hats, 13 percussion, and 118 toms.  The loops and samples work in any DAW.  More information from Native Instruments below.


From chart-topping hits to experimental gems, Drum State captures a legendary drum machine in all its vibrant colors and shades. Squeeze every sonic detail from this cornerstone of pop and electronic music, recorded with creative techniques for beats bursting with character and texture. Explore endless rhythmic possibilities with a versatile collection of kits and patterns, packed with kicks, snares, hi-hats, and cymbals that punch through the mix in any genre.

Drum State was created in collaboration with multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer Alexkid. with additional content by Cook Strummer, Decka, Joy Huebner, Julie Marghilano, L.F.T., Luise, Nacho Marco, and Torsten Fassbender. All sounds were recorded at Alexkid, Taklab, and Shonky’s own studios.


Please visit Native Instruments for more information.