Native Instruments celebrates 20 years of TRAKTOR with limited-edition Timecode Vinyl Series


Native Instruments today kicked off celebrations for the 20th anniversary of TRAKTOR, the groundbreaking digital DJ’ing tool that helped change the face of modern music.

To mark the occasion, NI has released five one-off timecode vinyl designs, including collaborations with New York-based turntablist Shiftee and Sasha’s Last Night On Earth record label. The anniversary timecode vinyl records come in five limited-edition colorways, including purple, glow-in-the-dark-green and translucent. Each vinyl controls one turntable in TRAKTOR, allowing users to scratch, rewind or beatmatch audio files via their computer as though they were mixing with records.  The TRAKTOR Timecode Vinyl is available now for $24.

Since it launched two decades ago, TRAKTOR has had a hand in shaping music scenes around the world, from minimal techno in Berlin to house music across the US and hip-hop in the Middle East. TRAKTOR has become the go-to software for forward-thinking DJs and world-champion turntablists alike, and can be found on music’s biggest stages around the globe, every weekend.

Over the past 20 years, TRAKTOR has introduced several features that are now considered industry-standard for DJs. Firstly, the visualization of digital waveforms, which allowed DJs to preview upcoming changes, such as track breakdowns. Next, NI incorporated looping, which was enabled by TRAKTOR’s unparalleled accuracy in BPM detection and allowed DJs to isolate and loop certain sections of tracks. Other features such as harmonic mixing, cue points and automatic beatmatching, better known as syncing, added even more cutting-edge options. 

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