NAMM 2016 Highlights • Sample Library Review


Had an amazing time at NAMM ( 2016) this year. Recapping some of the highlights in video form as we have about 5 hours of footage and interviews we are diggin through.

It was great to talk to the guys over at Slate Digital and get hands on with the Raven MTi2 multi-touch production screen. The display now supports ALL major DAWs including pro tools, logic Pro X, Cubase & Nuendo, Digital Performer and Studio One 3.

No trip to NAMM would be without a few celebrity sightings and this year I meet Jon Anderson of YES fame. Caught Hendricks Shwartzer of Orchestral Tools fame enjoying the Moog booth and spoke to him about the Metropolis Ark 1 library.



And during my demo at Keith McMillen instrument Booth, checking out the latest from KMI LABS, my demonstration from Dave Criss was interrupted when Mr. Stevie Wonder and entourage took over the area.

Stevie Wonder demoing BopPad at the Keith McMillen Booth

Stevie Wonder demoing BopPad at the Keith McMillen Booth

Was able to coordinate several interviews with software developers including Mike Peaslee and Greg Stephens from Soundiron,



Christian Henson from Spitfire Audio,



Sam Estes and Michael Hobe from Sonicsmiths,


Kane Kang from Ample Sound and Dickie Chapin from Impact Soundworks.


Hope to have all the interviews edited and posted in the next week or so. Be sure to sign up on the mailing list so you wont miss when we post these interviews.

Another highlight was checking out the MartixBrute from Arturia. If you love loads of knobs, switches and buttons on your synth you have got to check it out.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Wolfgang Wanko from Best Service about the new Alpine Volkmusik sample library that they just releases. It contains all the instruments you would need to have your own virtual beer garden band (think Octoberfest 🙂

Got a chacne to interview Simone Coen from Chocolate Audio. They were demoing their new library “The Black Album Drums” for BFD and kontakt which sound spot on!


Was star struck to run into Mike Greene from Realitone. If you have seen my posts about Realiton instruments you know I am a fan of not only his amazing libraries, but also think he has the most soothing voice in the industry. He was kind enough to take a little time out of his so I could interview him.



One of my favorite library announcements at the NAMM show was Vir2 Instruments who announced AERIS a hybrid choir library which will be released in the spring of 2016. I also had the pleasure of interviewing Julian Cisneros of Vir2 and talk challenges, inspiration and AERIS as well as catch a demo of the instrument live at the Big Fish Audio Booth.


I got a channe to listen to the Straight Ahead Samples new Jazz Horns library and talk with developer Trey about this fantastic sounding horn library. Soundtoys was just around the corner and they were celebrating their nomination for a TEC award for Little Alter Boy for best Signal Processing Software in the effects category.

Had a great time checking out the Yamaha booth. They took over the Marriot hotel and I got to see some of the new products they are launching including the Montage work station. Very impressive piece of kit! Definitely check it out if you are looking for a hardware workstation.


Yamaha / Stienberg was also showing of the NUAGE tactile hardware controller for Cubase. Very cool to get a look at the way they have built this around the software.

One of my favorite hardware launches at the NAMM show this year was the Seaboard RISE 49 from ROLI. This is a midi controller which has re-thought the keyboard and made every key have 5 touch sensitive dimensions. While at the booth I got a chance to interview Manon Dave from Roli and get all the details about Roli’s product line.