My Top 10 Reviewed Black Friday Sales Picks


This year I have reviewed so many great music production tools & sample libraries. Here are 10 that are currently available at a great discount during the Black Friday Sales weekend.

33% OFF Iris 2  or the entire iZotope Creative Bundle for 50% OFF

Using sample libraries to compose is a fantastic advance in music tech that I am so thankful for, but sometimes I want to make something sonically original with and stay away from out of the box samples. In this video you can see how I experimented with Iris 2 to create soundscapes and a completely original score from samples of Bird songs.


Hybrid Injection for only £14

I loved digging into Hybrid Injection from Sample Craft. If your looking for a great set of hybrid samples at a ridiculous price check it out.

See more here details.


50% EZX Expansions for EZDrummer 2

If you have seen my BTS vid of remote MIDI drum recording you know what a fan I am of EZDrummer 2.
With the 50% OFF Black Friday sale (at & Plugin Boutique) is a great time to stock up on EZX Expansions.



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50% Flyinghand Percussion & MAD together • Handheld Sounds
(use BF2015 at check out)

I’m a big fan of the Flyinghand Percussion Library. Love the sounds and realism of this library. If your looking for an ultra real set of hand percussion check it out while you can get them for 50% off.


Apocalypse Percussion Elements from Soundiron at their 35% Off (nearly) Everything Sale

Ok, I love Soundiron Emotional Piano – also a big fan of the Apocalypse Percussion Elements, Olympus Choir & Emotional Piano. Heres the vid review I did of Apocalypse Elements a fantastic sounding drum lib for all your standard percussion needs. It’s already a low price so the sale makes it a real steel.

See full review of Apocalypse Elements


Vinyl StripPipes from AudioThing only $10.79 Black Friday Sale

I have a real fondness for all things AudioThing. I used the Pipes instrument in my Award Winning commercial spot for Toyota and it added a unique and original sound to the score. Also on sale from AudioThing are Vinyl Strp (only $52.00) and almost the entire AudioThing catalog is on sale.

See review of AudioThings Vinyl Strip.



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Maliki Epic Adventure Drums from Epic Soundlab Black November Sale: 35% OFF

With a boat load of MIDI Epic Soundlab’s take on Adventure Drums will add that much needed boost of adrenaline to your score.



Kramer Tape Saturation from Waves $136.11 (60% OFF)

Tape Tubes and Transistors only $124.75 for Kramer Master Tape, PIE Compressor & HLS Channel

Not a Sample Library, but with all these digital instruments it’s nice to warm everything up a little when you mix. I love what this plugin does and at 60% I have to include it on the list here.


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TimeDrops from Fluffy Audio on Sale for $49 (30% OFF)

A great set of instruments and the ability to transform your own samples make Time Drops a unique and wonderful instrument to pick up while it is on sale.



The Planet from Atom Hub 35% OFF Code: AUTUMN35

At only €7.00 retail this inspiring set of instruments was already a steal – now at an additional 35% off (with code AUTUMN35) I’m not sure why your still reading this 🙂


See all the sales on our Holiday Sales Guide

Ok I said 10, but I can resist posting this one

Granulate from Will Bedford (discount with code)

I have been using this amazing tool to craft some sound design and I love it. Import your own audio or use the included sound set – eitherway your sound will be original!