Mode Audio release Hybrid Drums – Live & Electronic Drum Samples. 



Mode Audio release Hybrid Drums – Live & Electronic Drum Samples.

Hybrid Drums sells for £16 from ModeAudio

Hybrid Drums – Live & Electronic Drum Samples is not your average drum library – fusing the blisteringly authentic, live feel of acoustic drums with the sheer sonic punch and power of classic analog drum machines, this selection of heavyweight samples will step your percussive game up to the big leagues!

Skilfully layered, mixed and refined with expert precision, the 367 royalty-free drum samples contained within this release span thumping, weighty kicks, firebolt snares, silky smooth open and closed hi hats and explosive claps through to deep, resonating toms, snappy rims, sleek shakers and shimmering ride and crash cymbals.

Introduce your drum sound to a whole new surge of energy, electricity and excitement – downloadHybrid Drums – Live & Electronic Drum Samples now!

Pack Details:
– 367 WAV Drum Samples
– 10 Drum Kit Sampler Patches
– 5 Channel Strip Settings
– 10 MIDI files (Tempo-labelled)
– 100% Royalty-Free