Michaela’s Harp by Libre Wave on sale for only €17


Michaela’s Harp by Libre Wave is on sale for only €17 over at VST Buzz.  Normally €80, you can save 60% on this harp library until May 9th, 2023.  The free Rhapsody Player is required.  More details from VST Buzz below.

Michaela’s Harp is a beautifully crafted Celtic harp sample library that runs in the free Rhapsody Player.  Libre Wave recorded a modern Celtic harp with a warm tone and a built in pick-up. This allowed them to create a direct input recording in addition to two stereo microphone positions. It was recorded in a studio so the samples are fairly dry which will help you blend and layer them with your other instruments.

Libre Wave created this harp library because they love the delicate yet feisty spirit of the Celtic harp. It can be soft and gentle or bold and strong and everything in-between.


Michaela’s Harp is perfect for but not limited to Ambient Music, Folk Music, and Underscore. 

For more information, please visit VST Buzz.