Man Makes Noise releases Transmissions for Omnisphere


Man Makes Noise returns to the world of Omnisphere and addresses that one word in the company name: noise. Their newest release, Transmissions, takes you on a journey through the world of noise with its noise based pads. basses, textures, and synths for Omnisphere 2.8.2.  Transmissions retails for €25 but will be available for the intro price of €15 until September 30th.  More details from Man Makes Noise below.

Created with samples recorded with a combination of synth noise oscillators and filter resonations and then manipulated inside Omnisphere, Transmissions is not clean. It’s heartbeat is dirty and full of imperfections, nothing is static. It explores the ambient, cinematic side of music.

Transmissions contains 100 patches, 120 soundsources and takes up 643 megabytes of hard drive space.  Also included is a bonus library for Omnisphere: Ambient Drum Company.


You can also download a free 10 patch demo to get a feel for Transmissions.

For more information, please visit Man Makes Noise.