Loopmasters release Loopcloud 5 – Try for FREE


Loopmasters has announced the release of Loopcloud 5.

Just got word that Loopmasters have updated their ever-evolving LoopCloud software!

““With Loopcloud 5, producers will be able to push the boundaries of music production. We’re enhancing the creative journey for producers, whilst making sure that the process is fun. Sourcing, auditioning and editing sounds couldn’t be any faster. Essentially, every part of the software is designed to inspire creativity and encourage originality.” – Matt Pelling, founder and owner of Loopcloud

More details from the developer’s offical press release below.

We are excited to announce the launch of Loopcloud 5

Loopcloud 5 is the most advanced music platform yet, and includes:

  • 2 New Plugin Instruments
  • Onboard Effects
  • Multitrack Operation
  • Storage for your own samples
  • Web-based version coming soon
  • Monthly or annual subscription

Loopcloud 5 is available on monthly or annual subscription giving your users access to the entire Loopmasters.com catalogue.

A free version is included which can store existing or newly purchased samples from Loopmasters.com or anyone else.

Inspiring originality

The software will help producers create original sounds – faster than ever. The latest release includes two new plugin instruments: Loopcloud Drum and Loopcloud Play. These collections contain thousands of sounds and instruments which have been curated by top artists and exclusive labels.

Loopcloud’s brand new interface has a compact view, ideal for split-screen use. The updated software allows users to search for sounds whilst they work – without breaking their flow. They can also try out effects and edits on samples whilst auditioning them. Importantly, they can do it before purchasing.

All Artist, Studio and Professional users will have storage space within the system, saving valuable space on their hard drives. The producer’s entire sound collection can be tagged along with the rest of Loopmasters’ extensive catalogue. Every sound they need – all in one place. A browser-based version of Loopcloud will be released soon which allows users to log in from anywhere.

While users can still enjoy the free version of Loopcloud, the subscription version has a comprehensive feature set. A free 30 day trial is available which includes 300 points to use on sounds from the extensive Loopmasters catalogue.

Loopmasters, the parent company of Loopcloud, has also teamed up with Beatport, the world’s leading digital music store for DJs. Later this year, Loopcloud will be available directly from the Beatport website.

For all details visit the official Loopcloud 5 – Try for FREE page at Loopmasters


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