Listen, Play, Win – Name that Preset Sound and Enter to Win the Newest Instrument by Sound Yeti


Sound Yeti has launched a “Name That Revelation Fusion Harp Preset Sound” contest and you have a chance to win their newest instrument, Revelation Fusion Harp. 

Heads up Sound Yeti squad. We are in the final stages of sound design for our newest Kontakt instrument, Revelation Fusion Harp. That means it’s time to play… Name That Revelation Fusion Harp Preset Sound. It’s pretty simple, we want your ears to be the first to hear what’s in store with the new instrument so we have three candidate preset sounds ready for you to audition. If you help us name the presets/snapshots you’ll be eligible to win your very own copy of Revelation Fusion Harp upon release.

Be creative and make your best suggestions! All you need to do is…

  • Listen to the demo of three different sounds/snapshots from the new Revelation Fusion Harp.
  • Tell us what you think is a good name for each of the sounds/snapshots in the form here.

When you do, you’ll be entered into the Name That Revelation Fusion Harp Sound Contest. Three winners will be chosen from the best suggestions – judged by the King Yeti of course. You’ll also be added to the list to receive the exclusive VIP intro price on Revelation Fusion Harp when it is released – contest ends 16 September, 2022. Good luck! And by the way… Each clip was made with a single preset from Revelation Fusion Harp, no layers or overdub.


For more information about the contest and its official rules, please visit Sound Yeti.