LAST CHANCE: Orange Tree Samples Group Buy


You only got a few hours left to take advantage of Orange Tree Samples Summer 2020 Group Buy!
If you are new to the group buy we have some great news: the 50% OFF Level has been achieved with over 1000 participants!

This time we’re running it a little differently. Instead of the sign-up period lasting multiple weeks like in the past, we’ve reduced it to 10 days to join the group buy sale. That way you can get the libraries you’ve signed up for sooner.

Because of the shorter sign-up period, we’ve lowered the tiers so that the maximum 50% OFF discount is reached at 1,000 participants. Based on previous group buys, we should be able to reach this highest tier, but we’ll need your help spreading the word.

How It Works

In a group buy, the more people that join the sale, the greater the discount becomes, up to 50% OFF at the highest discount tier. Starting today, all you have to do is add a library to your group buy order. You can modify your order at any time during the group buy.

The sale applies to all Orange Tree Samples sample libraries, including bundles and bundle upgrades. At least, our currently available libraries and bundles. If we release a new library (hint, hint) during the sale, it will be excluded, of course.

As of Tuesday, June 30th the Orange Tree Samples Summer 2020 Group Buy had reached 1343
participants with a current discount level of 50% OFF!

Visit Orange Tree Samples for all the details!