Keep Forest release Risenge


Keep Forest has announced Risenge.

The developer’s latest collection of sound design samples is housed in . brand new engine and we couldn’t be more exoited about what they have done. Also of note is that Keep Forest is offering Risenge as 4 different levels Risenge Essentials, Risenge Core and Risenge Pro ranging from $79.00 to $349.00 – oh and there is also a FREE verions, Risenge FREE.

More information from the developer below.

Keepforest is proud to introduce the next chapter of the company with the new library series – the Risenge.”

This new library is a huge source of thrilling rises, heart-stopping suckbacks, dramatic build-ups and downfalls, in combination with a collection of cinematic hits, the library will take the tension and dynamic of your composition to a whole new level. Like all the previous releases, Keepforest Team put their heart and soul to the sound design works of Risenge, from recording of source materials to the finished product to make sure that music producers from all over the world will have in their hand a cinematic sound library of highest quality. Sounds powered by Keepforest and BOOM Library

Keeping the best features of the AizerX engine, Keepforest developed a completely new engine with a CPU-friendly for an outstanding performance, minimalistic modern and smooth design for a fluid workflow. Eight modules of layers which can be easily randomized, combined, modified with an arsenal of more than 4000 fully designed rises, suckbacks, hits, drops and layers of classic, hybrid, engine & motors, mechanical, stutter, orchestral, sci-fi, horror etc., and a powerful easy-to-use sequencer will give you the ability to create expressive cinematic tension build-ups for the composition in no time.

For all details visit the official Risenge page at Keep Forest


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