Kaizen Audio announce Kaluri Women’s Vocal Ensemble for Kontakt pre-order


Kaizen Audio announces Kaluri Women’s Vocal Ensemble for Kontakt on a special pre-order promotion.

The pre-order price is listed ad $149 with a normal price of 249 at Kaizen Audio ends on December 17, 2020.


Kaluri Women’s Vocal Ensemble, is a one of a kind virtual choir instrument for Kontakt featuring vocal performances by an octet of stunning female vocalists. The collection is inspired by traditional and modern choral singing from the South Caucasus country of Georgia, which is world renowned for its stunning, ethereal choirs and its rich tradition of polyphonic singing.

41 Articulations
6 Microphone Positions
20,000+ Samples
Requires Kontakt 6.4.2. Full (Not Compatible with the free player)

Kaluri is perfect for those seeking to incorporate an unique sound of women’s voices embedded with the region’s traditions yet with a contemporary approach to vocal techniques. The instrument combines raw inspiration paired with unbeatable versatility for composers and producers in film, television, games or pop/edm.

Kaluri gives composers the ability to create awe inspiring compositions by performing dozens of deeply sampled syllables and aspirated vocalizations and effects. The choir consists of 8 female vocalists which were recorded as a group in a medium sized recording studio.

Kaluri contains 6 microphone positions and over 20,000 samples. The library features a modern design in a single user interface with performances organized by category, allowing the user to quickly and easily build their own custom phrases. The result is truly inspiring vocal performances that will impart your productions with raw human emotion.

For all details on Kaluri Women’s Vocal Ensemble visit Kaizen Audio