It’s All Noise releases Ultimate Cello Textures – Harmonics Pad for Kontakt Player


It’s All Noise has announced a new release called Ultimate Cello Textures – Harmonics Pad.  For a limited time, this library is available for £28 (regular price £35).  It’s NKS 2.0 compatible and runs in the free Kontakt Player 7.6.  More details from It’s All Noise below.


An ethereal sound design instrument, Ultimate Cello Textures – Harmonics Pad is made to construct glistening pads out of samples of cello harmonics.

This is the first part of the Ultimate Cello series that I will be releasing. This is a series of instruments exploring the solo cello in depth. The Textures series that this library is from runs parallel to the main Ultimate Cello Series and utilises the samples in alternative, sound-design ways.

Ultimate Cello Textures – Harmonics Pad is a Pad designer for creating atmospheric pads. It isn’t designed for use in orchestral mockups would be very useful in underscore beds etc.


Please visit It’s All Noise for more information.