Interview with Mike Peaslee & Gregg Stephens of @Soundiron • NAMM 2016


Was a real pleasure to get a chance to talk with Mike Peaslee & Gregg Stephens of Soundiron. I asked them about their inspirations, challenges and future plans . . . when Mike leaked an exciting bit of news . . . Soundiron Woodwinds!


Both Mike and Greg shared that their favorite library they had developed was the Symphony Series Brass (in collaboration with Native Instruments). I am a big fan of the library myself (See my review here ) full Symphony Series Brass video playlist below.

Greg shared the challenges of his exhaustive 48 hour recording session trying to capture everything needed for the Brad Hoyt Harp Guitar Library

Mike told me about loosing his hearing working on sampling the Shruti Box – part of the Little Pump Reed library (demos below)


And one of the fun parts of the interview is hearing about what other developers software they love. Greg shared he is a Reaper and Cubase fan and uses the FabFilter plugin. Mike finds inspiration from his environment and heritage (great example is the new Petroglyph library)

Demos from Petroglyph



Mike also leaked that Soundiron is working on WOODWINDS?!?!?!  He also talked updates to Antidrum 1, Noah Bells in the near term.


Update to Antidrum 1 coming soon