Interview with Greg Schlaepfer from Orange Tree Samples


It was a real pleasure to have a chance to interview Greg Schlaepfer of Orange Tree Samples and get a peek behind the curtain as to his challenges and triumphs developing sample libraries. Greg shared his excitement about using SLIDE Lap Steel for the first time since he had developed the engine while creating SLIDE Acoustic and was able to port the samples right in and play the instrument like a user would.

He also shared a little bit about developing the Evolution Series Guitar libraries and the special playing techniques used to capture Evolution Modern Nylon. (Check out our Review of Evolution Modern Nylon & Evolution Strawberry.)

I asked Greg about his use of other libraries and he shared that his go-to drums are Addictive Drums from XNL Audio for all the Orange Tree demos and told me a little bit about his past work for Cinesamples scripting Cinebrass, Cinewinds & Voxos.

What does the future hold for Orange Tree . . more evolution guitars, a mandolin – flutes and a BIG ROCK mystery library 🙂


SLIDE Acoustic – Performance Demo

SLIDE Lap Steel – Update

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Addictive Drums 2 Overview video from XLN Audio