Interview with Son Thomsen of Sonokinetic


Had the pleasure of getting of speaking with Son Thomsen, CEO of Sonokinetic, from his flat in London. In the interview, Son shared his experiences and challenges in developing sample libraries as well as what future releases the company has in the works.

In addition to heading up Sonokinetic, Son is an accomplished pianist shares some of his piano improvisations on his personal site.


Instruments and links discussed:

Sultan Drums by Sonokinetic

Sultan Strings by Sonokinetic

Tutti by Sonokinetic

Minimal by Sonokinetic

Vivace by Sonokinetic

Woodwinds Ensembles by Sonokinetic

Sotto by Sonokinetic

True Pianos

iZotope RX

SLR’s Review of Cappricio

SLR’s Review of Woodwinds Ensembles

SLR’s Review of Tutti Vox

SLR’s Review of Sotto – COMING SOON

Music used in this video post from the official Sonokinetic demos include: