Interview: Dan Graham from Gothic Instruments • NAMM 2018

Had the pleasure to sit down and talk with Dan Graham, head of Gothic Instruments at the 2018 NAMM show.
In the interview, he shared origins of the Dronar atmosphere creator, upcoming Dronar Brass & Dronar Master Edition releases and his favorite controller/software combination for playing expressively inside the box.

Mentioned in this video:

Dronar Instrument line at Time & Space

Dronar Brass Module Sneak Peak Video

►  SLR First Look Dronar Dronar Vintage Synth

►  SLR First Look Dronar Cinematic Atmospheres

►  SLR First Look Dronar Dark Synthesis

►  SLR First Look Dronar Live Strings Module

►  SLR First Look  Dronar Guitarscapes


Leap Motion Controller at Amazon

►  SLR Post of Leap Motion Controller

Gecco for Midi


Sample Modeling

►  SLR Guest Pick Sample Modeling Trumpet


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