Interview with Composer / Sound Designer Danny Cocke Taking Sample Libraries


Had the great pleasure to sit down with Composer/Sound Designer Danny Cocke for a skype interview.
I asked him about developing the Trailer Guitars library as well as contributing to the Klavier Gravitas Piano (both from Audio Imperia)

I went on to ask Danny a little more about composing and creating scores for trailers, his breaks into the industry and what inspires him as a composer  You can see the full interview here,


SLR Review of Trailer Guitars
Trailer Guitars from Audio Imperia

SLR Review of Klavier Gravitas Piano
Klavier Gravitas Piano from Audio Imperia

SLR First Look of Imogen Heap Box of Tricks
Imogen Heap Box of Tricks from Soniccouture

SLR Review of Photosynthesis Vol 4 Realms
Photosynthesis Vol 4 Realms from Exotic States

Music from Danny Cocke Available on iTunes/Apple Music

Verge of Total Chaos (Original Soundtrack) – Danny Cocke

Generate, Organize, Destroy (Original Trailer Music) – Danny Cocke

Darkness Devours – EP – Danny Cocke
Music from Danny Cocke on YouTube