Insanity Samples release Neo Strings – Modern Soloist v3.5


Insanity Samples has release New Strings – Modern Soloist v3.5.   For a limited time, you can purchase this updated solo string ensemble library for $122 (regular price $243).  The full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher is required. Neo Strings v3.5 is FREE to all existing owners of the library. (Given the size of the sample-up update, to save on hard drive space; fully ‘uninstall’ the library within Pulse, then re-install/install via Pulse to ensure only the relevant files remain).   More details from Insanity Samples below.

NEO STRINGS is a modern solo string ensemble comprising of violin, viola, cello and double bass. Recorded in the same beautiful space through 4 mic signals, and a huge 24 articulations captured for each instrument in great detail.

With articulations ranging from the staple bread and butter articulations of a stringed instrument (though still jam packed with unique character) to ultra modern textural playing effects and extended techniques. From our ‘expressive longs’ with true legato, to cutting edge and trail blazing textures like ‘pont-tasto cycles’… Neo Strings is brimming with contemporary character and nuance.

The update includes:

– A new mix on samples, getting even deeper on the feeling of a live performer in the room. We re-cut and mixed the entire near 30k samples again, elevating this library to new heights of expression.

– Added Overlay Functionality (All articulations can now be O/L)

– Added Legato Functionality (All articulations can now be Legato)

– Release times shorted by various amounts to create a more true-to-life feel in performance

– Scripting Efficiencies & General Bug Fixes

– GUI design overhaul to match the NEO style as it developed organically with both Woodwinds & Brass

– Overlay Threshold introduced & Dynamic indicator

– Deeper velocity control with slider support & built in velocity led manipulation for maximum expression in performance


For more information, please visit Insanity Samples.