Insanity Samples release Mutations – The Ultimate Prepared Piano


Insanity Samples announced their newest release, Mutations.  For a limited time, you can save 50% and purchase this prepared piano library for £49.99 (regular price £99).  You will also receive a copy of Offensive Drums for FREE.  Just add it to your cart at checkout.  Mutations requires the full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher.  More details from Insanity Samples below.

MUTATIONS is a deeply configurable prepared piano, with everything you need to create rhythmic, percussive and unique prepared piano textures. The library gives you the feeling you are in the room with a grand piano, and with a level of control that is as close as can be to having a hand under the lid, placing the bolts / mutes / pegs / screws / picks or ping pong balls yourself.

With 6 preparations + pure string, and some additional special effects (glissandos & ping-pong rolls), the preparations can be configured to the individual string for all 88 strings. Giving near limitless possibilities on your own sound.

A custom key-bed has been created that shows in real time the note played, with a corresponding dropdown menu also being highlighted for ease of preparation in performance.

Once a key is prepared, the note on the key has a permanent colour dot linked to the preparation type. For ease of seeing which preparations are happening at a glance.


For more information about Mutations, please visit Insanity Samples.