Insanity Samples release Bombay Glassware 2 v.2.0.0


Insanity Samples have released Bombay Glassware 2 v.2.0.0.  For a limited time, this updated library will be available at an introductory price of $33 (regular price $65).  The full version of Kontakt 5/6/7 or higher is required.  Existing owners of BGW2 getting this update for free. Simply head to Pulse and install the latest version.  More details from Insanity Samples below.


Introducing BOMBAY GLASSWARE 2 and its all new v2.0.0 update! With a fresh new look and workflow, as well as integration with our cutting edge overlay-threshold functionality. Putting performance and creativity at the forefront of your workflow.

Bombay Glassware 2 is a bewitching collection of inspired and beautifully captured glass textures. From delicate strikes, to finger bows and textures created with a Cello bow. Including a deeply original and creativity inspiring ricochet bow style.

Bombay Glassware 2 will transport you to an ethereal otherworldly atmosphere, packed full of originality and nuance.


Please visit Insanity Samples for more information.