Insanity Samples introduces Tutti Sketches


Insanity Samples has a new release called Tutti Sketches.  For a limited time, this orchestral scoring tool is available for the intro price of $63 (regular price $123).  Tutti Sketches requires the full version of Kontakt 5, 6, 7 or above.  More details from Insanity Samples below.


Tutti Sketches is a powerful Orchestral Scoring Tool aimed specifically at full orchestral texture writing (or Tutti), in conjunction with tempo sync’d and time signature mapped expressive performance, via ‘hairpins’ to create the perfect rise and fall in dynamics for your compositions.

Alongside this, Tutti Sketches also has a very powerful and adaptive chord mode that sees a wealth of options from pre-made ready to go chord arrangements, linked to the key signature / scale of your choice, to fully customisable chord structures in the full 12 tone chromatic scale.

Tutti Sketches is a creative and inspiring orchestral library that allows you to create fully formed orchestral ideas with extreme speed and ease.


Please visit Insanity Samples for more information.