Insanity Samples release Shire Winds plus a Freebie


Insanity Samples has released Shire Winds – The Folk Woodwind Collection.  For a limited time, save 50% and purchase this library at the introductory offer of $98 (regular price $194).  It’s NKS compatible and runs in the full version of Kontakt 5, 6, and 7 or above.  With every purchase of Shire Winds, you get a completely free copy of an exclusive percussion library ‘SHIRE PERC’ dedicated to stylistically supporting Shire Winds. A percussive collection from Foot Stomps and Hand Claps, to Doumbek Drum, Bodhran Drum & Tambourine.  More details from Insanity Samples

SHIRE WINDS is an inspiring set of 6 folk woodwind instruments, played by the hand of the principle Piccolo & Folk Winds specialist Stewart Mcilwham. This deeply intuitive and creativity inspiring set of virtual instruments is powered by our most advanced scripting to date. With fully automated performance modes, your velocity input controls which articulation automatically gets played in real time, like having the instrument in your own hands. 

From spinning folklore tales of yesteryear, to being the driving force behind a breakneck speed jig – SHIRE WINDS can take you there.

Shire Winds includes 6 unique and inspiring folk wind instruments: Irish Whistle, Irish Low Whistle, Wooden Celtic Flute, Celtic Piccolo, Asian Bamboo Flute & Ancient Recorders. 

For more instruments, please visit Insanity Samples.