Impact Soundworks’ Shreddage 3 Precision FREE is now Kontakt Player Compatible


Impact Soundworks announced that the free download of Shreddage 3 Precision FREE is now NKS compatible and available for Kontakt Player.  More details below.


Shreddage 3 Precision FREE has the same great sample quality and depth as the full version, with two playable octaves and the crucial fingerstyle articulation along with popping and release noises.  A superb classic and warm p-bass tone is now available for free, compatible with Kontakt Player!  It includes tons of editing features and a complete Console FX rack with built-in tones. The ultimate free bass instrument for your DAW!

Shreddage 3 Precision FREE is a premium-quality bass instrument with all our latest technology and no debilitating limitations. It features the most useful playing styles – fingerstyle sustains and popping – along with tons of editing features, TACT 2.0, and the Console mixerd, giving you all the tools you need to write and produce electric guitar parts.

Just as in the full version, Precision FREE includes a realistic fretting & voicing engine with multiple algorithms and styles to choose from. You can create custom tones with 30+ included FX modules and cabinet IRs.


For more information, please visit Impact Soundworks.