Impact Soundworks releases Tokyo Cab Pack Volume 1


Impact Soundworks has released its first impulse response (IR) library: Tokyo Cab Pack Volume 1.  It’s available now at the introductory offer of $15 (regular price $20).  An IR loading plugin, Kemper, or AxelFX is required.  These impulse response files can be loaded into any amp/cab simulation device that supports user files in WAV, KIPR, or SYX formats.  More details from Impact Soundworks below. 

Harness the sound of a high-end, Japanese custom Bogner 212CB guitar cabinet with this impulse response (IR) library created by Masahiro “Godspeed” Aoki! Perfect for full-body, heavy rock & metal. Get the ideal tone for your amp with over 150 included IRs spanning two speakers, seven mics (dynamic, condenser, ribbon), multiple angles, and positions. 

The Bogner 212CB is enjoyed by studio guitarists and gigging musicians around the world for its surprisingly huge and rich sound, combined with its svelte design. The specific Japan Limited model captured for Tokyo Cab Pack Vol 1 is particularly coveted thanks to its versatile tone. Now, you can use this incredible cabinet in your own music for a fraction of the price of the original cabinet.

Ideal for high-gain music like heavy rock and metal, these impulse responses (IRs) can be used in any plugin or device compatible with WAV, SYX, or KIPR files. Craft your perfect rhythm or lead tone, from dark and heavy to bright and sparkly, thanks to this collection’s wide spread of mics, positions, and angles.

For more information, please visit Impact Soundworks.