Impact Soundworks Releases Cinema Sound Foley Library


Impact Soundworks. has released a new smaple library: Cinema Sound Foley Library.

This is designed as a new tool for sound designers, foley artists, editors, DIY directors, and other post-production professionals. This massive collection of foley sounds can be performed via MIDI – saving users precious time and money when matching audio to picture. The result is Hollywood-level sound design accessible for all, in a KONTAKT-powered engine compatible in any DAW.

Cinema Sound Foley Library (CSFL) was created in collaboration with Cinema Sound, the industry experts in audio-for-video education. Cinema Sound not only brought their expertise to recording the entire collection, but has also produced a wide variety of tutorial videos on using CSFL. This high-quality free education is available directly on the product page.

Users can bring on-screen action to life with an enormous library of content spanning over 54,000 samples, with a particular focus on footsteps & clothes that have extensive material, surface, and dynamic options. Sounds are selected from a categorized browser, and can be layered and mixed all within a bespoke UI that also includes editing tools.

To simplify and streamline the mixing process, CSFL also includes a full FX rack with 30 modules including analog-modeled EQ, convolution reverb, compression, distortion, and much more. No external plugins are necessary.

Cinema Sound Foley Library is now available for the intro price of $179 (MSRP $199) through Feb 10, 2020 – even at list price, an unbeatable bargain given the staggering amount of content included.

Further audio and video demos, specifications, and more product information is available at the Impact Soundworks.